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Medical check & Alien Registration Card

Medical Check in Korea

1.When: after arriving in Korea with E2 visa before getting your ARC card.
2.Where: Medical centers designated by Korean immigration office. (Your employer will tell you where to go)
3.What: Blood/Urine test, and X ray for basic health check , HIV and Drug test
4.What to prepare: 1) 2 Passport size photos 2) Medical check fee (70,000~100,000 won) 3) Passport
***IMPORTANT: Remember to fast for 10 hours prior to your medical check

Applying for ARC (Alien Registration Card)

You are required to register at a local immigration office having the jurisdiction over the place of your
stay within 90 days from the date of your entry. It usually takes 3 or 4 days for the applicant to get the
Alien Registration card.
 1. Make appointment on-line at You can dial 1345, the Immigration
     office, if you need any information. English service is available.
 2. Required documents
  -1 passport size photo
  -Passport (copy and original) - you will get your passport back.
  -School business license copy
  -School registration copy
  -Copy of your housing contract
  -Confirmation of Residence / Accommodation (Download Form)
  -Application Form (Download Form)
  - 2 copies of Medical Check Report
  - 30,000 WON (Processing fee)