Placing teachers
since 2004 !
RBI KOREA는 우수한 원어민 선생님을 학원/학교에
알선하는 전문 리크루팅 회사입니다.
2004년부터 시작하여, 한땀한땀 고객감동을 이어온 고품격 리크루팅 서비스!
Visa Process
1. Send your Visa documents to RBI KOREA including your Health Statement (Download Form) and Application for Certificate of Visa Eligibility(Download Form)
2. Your employer gets a PIN number for your E2 visa application (It takes 5-10 buisness days)
3. You get your passport stamped with your E2 Visa at the Korean consulate (5-10 business days)-Visa Application      Form(Download Form)
4. After arrival in Korea, get a medical check and Alien Registration card(ARC)